Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Your property management charge of 44.40 including VAT per month doesn't include finding a tenant, why not!

A: The standard fee to find a tenant is 390 including VAT if you sign up for the property management option. The property management charge does not include finding a tenant so that you are not over charged for finding a tenant. A tenant may stay in your property for five years, which means you do not need to pay a monthly fee to cover the cost of finding another tenant. You simply pay the standard fee to find a tenant only when it is needed.

Q: Your property management charge of 44.40 including VAT per month is very competetive, does this mean you add extra fees elsewhere?

A: There are no extra fees. We do not charge commission on repairs and maintenance. The reward we get for using our approved contractors is prompt service when it is needed. We do not charge a setup fee. We do not charge a fee to renew an existing tenancy, to the property owner or to the tenant. We do not charge a cancellation fee.

Q: How much do your contractors charge?

A: Our Gas Safe plumbers Hodges NW Ltd charge 60.00 + VAT to carry out a gas safety check. their half hourly rate is 16.00 + VAT with a minimum callout of 40.00 + VAT for regular work. Our registered electrician Paul Ledgard charges 87.50 for an electrical test on one and two bedroom properties. Paul charges 25.00 per hour with a minimum callout of 50.00 for regular work. These rates were updated July 2010.

Q: One of your properties on Rightmove doesn't have an energy performance certifciate to download or view, why not!

A: We order an energy performance certificate as soon as we sign up a new property. This can take a week to be commissioned and received. The property will be marketed in the meantime.


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